Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kroombit Tops excursion
Members met at 7:30am for the two hour trip to Kroombit Tops National Park. Those who owned 4WD vehicles offered spare seats to other members as the track can be rough and muddy.

A brief stop at around 9:30am to meet up with other members who had camped overnight, and we were off again to the site of the 'Beautiful Betsy' crash. This took about 2 hours and soil and vegetation changed quite dramatically at times.

At the crash site, there was excellent signage, and a surprising amount of wreckage scattered around.

After lunch, members stopped at a heath community and identified a number of plants.

Tomas found some interesting leaves!

This pretty little tree is OLACEAE Notelaea microcarpa

After a long hot and dusty drive, members were glad of the cool breeze, amazing view and afternoon tea at the Kroombit lookout.

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