Monday, February 18, 2008

Excursions and Meetings Program 2008
Please register for all excursions

Sun 2 March Meet 8am at Canoe Point, Tannum Sands, Clean up rubbish in the area of bushland, parkland, beach and river, sports fields. BYO Lunch. Visit the Wetlands, view tree planting, bird spotting. 2pm meet at Tannum Nursery, about 3 relocate to Esplanade, walk along paths, survey landscaping of area, afternoon tea.

Sun 13 April Meet 9am at front carpark Tondoon. Travel 7 km to property of Keith and Vicky. Walk in bushland & visit scrub. BYO food for all day.

Sun 4 May Meet 10am in Siding Road, Beecher. Look for balloons and SGAP, indicating where to turn in to property of Tom and Paula. This is a second acreage property which joins Beecher State Forest. Compile species list. BYO lunch. Bird spotting.

Sun 1 June Ecofest at Tondoon. Family day lots of entertainment. SGAP will have a display, book and plant sale. Set up from 7:30am.

Sun 8 June Meet 9am Gardens cafe Tondoon. Visit by SGAPS with Lawrie Smith - this is buy at cafe or BYO lunch. Walk around Tondoon with Lawrie and Brent.

Sun 20 July Meet 9:45am at Lt Larcom Cafe. Raglan Street Mt Larcom. Lyn Field's bush tucker morning tea. Billy tea and damper, $5.00. Display and talk on Bush Tucker by Lyn. Bring specimens. 11am we move to Scrub Creek with Bev or Cheryl. BYO Lunch and afternoon tea.

Sun 17 August Meet 9am Road House on Fingerboard Ropad, on your right on rise. Leave Gladstone by 7:45 am to be on time. Meet George and Glenis. Travel in sedan ok, need full fuel tank. We will visit Round Hill National Park - rainforest. May visit other vegetation in area.

Thur ?? September Meet the judge night - dinner and speaker

Sun ?? September Meet 9am garden awards

Sun ?? September Meet at pickup for coach tour of prize gardens. Bookings essential with Secretary of Civic Beautification Committee 4978 1957

September CANCELLED Qld State conference at Kingaroy

Sun 19 October Meet 9am at Rest Stop, Raglan Street, Mt Larcom. Travel in convoy to view scrub. BYO food for all day.

Sat 25 October Meet 6pm Tondoon 20th Anniversary dinner, charge applies. Bookings - Tondoon 4971 4444.

Sun 16 November Meet 9am at fishing carpark on the south side of the Calliope River, just past the Power Station. Excursion to Wiggins Island - mangroves and other vegetation. BYO insect repelleant and food, all day.

Sun 14 December Meet 10am at 230 Morcom Street, Calliope - visit 5000 trees planted by John in the past 3 years. BYO lunch.

Sun 18 January Meet 10am at Gardens Cafe Tondoon. Morning Tea. Pay membership 2009 $5.00. Walk around Tondoon. Lunch 12pm to 1pm. Meeting follows 2pm to 3.30pm. AGM - appoint 3 officers for 2009.

Sunday 15 February Meet 10am at Kiosk on left in Spinnaker Park Gladstone. Morning tea. Look at landscaping and compile species list as we walk around the trails. Lunch 12 to 1pm in shelter ? Relocate to the Parkland Marina Soundshell area. Walk along bank of Auckland Creek. Compile mangroves list, from mouth to past University. You might see rabbits.

Sunday 1 March Meet 8am at Canoe Point - Clean Up Australia Day BYO Lunch. Afternoon, look at revegetation of dune around area, by coast care group.