Sunday, February 18, 2007

SGAP Gladstone Calendar:
Thursday 1 March:
Meet 2pm at Tondoon Visitors - set up display

Sunday 4 March:
Clean up Australia Day, meet 8 am at Canoe Point
1pm Garden visit at Pacific Ranch
2:30pm bushland visit

Sunday 8 April:
Property visit - "Stowe Park" - Calliope
Meet 8:45am in front of hall, Stirrat St, Calliope
Biodynamics talk

Sunday 20 May:
Meet 9am at Benaraby Service Station
Travel to Turkey Beach, Bush walk of 1 and a half Km.

Sunday 3 June:
Ecofest at Tondoon Gardens
Set up 4pm Sat and from 7am Sunday
Bush Tucker display and walk by Lyn Field

Sat 9, 10, 11, June:
50th anniversary of SGAP Qld at Brisbane.
Dinner, garden visits, history of SGAP book launch

Sunday 24 June:
Meet 10am at Tondoon Gardens (Admin area)
Propogation workshop and guest speaker.

Sunday 8 July:
Meet at 9am at Visitors Information Centre, Miriam Vale.
Travel to a property in the area (full fuel tank required)

Sunday 19 August:
Meet at 9am at Road House on Agnes Water and Fingerboard Rd
Travel to Deepwater property. Camping overnight on Saturday available (BYO everything)
Full fuel tank required

September (Date to be announced)
Garden awards - Judges dinner, talk and morning tea, coach tour of winning gardens - book early!!

Sunday 18 Oct
Meet at 22 Cathurbie Crt, New Auckland. Garden visit (winner of Novice garden 2006)

Sunday 19 Nov
Meet at 10am at Tondoon Gardens (admin). Visit to extra land aquired for Tondoon extension. Bird spotting, creek and eucalypt woodland

Sunday 9 Dec
Meet at 10am at Lake Awoonga for break up. Talks, weed spotting, lunch.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Waterwise articles:

"Effective watering in the garden" - by Keith Townsend

This is an excellent article on pages 4 - 5 of the Land for Wildlife newsletter (see link below)

"Waterwise and Waterless gardens" - by Merv Hodge

Also an excellent article on pages 6 - 7 of the same newsletter (see link below)

  • Land for Wildlife Queensland Summer 2007